Meet the team

Portrait of Co-founder Jonathon Barkl
Jonathon Barkl
Portrait of Co-founder Scott Fitsimones
Scott Fitsimones
Portrait of Co-founder Chelsea Border
Chelsea Border

We founded AirGarage with the belief that the future of parking in dense urban areas will expand far beyond traditional parking vendors. At AirGarage, we give small businesses and churches the tools to rent out their underutilized parking spaces. In a time of great parking scarcity, no lot owner should miss that opportunity because the cost is too great or the technology is too complex.

The AirGarage founders met in college while facing their own parking struggles. Starting with a simple spreadsheet connecting nearby homeowners with empty driveways and students looking for parking, the mission of AirGarage began. Since then, we've faciliated over 20,000 rentals and are continuing to bring parking supply online each day.