What is AirGarage?

AirGarage is the link between homeowners, businesses and other organizations that have extra parking and drivers looking for affordable and convenient parking.

How much does it cost to sign up?

AirGarage is absolutely free to sign up and browse. You only pay when you find and book the perfect parking spot.

Who can list their parking space?

Anyone can! Whether you are a business, church, homeowner or renter, if you have an extra spot, you could be earning cash on AirGarage. We maintain good relationships with city councils, and we're working on partnering with cities around the US to reduce congestion and help alleviate the need for parking facilities.

How much should I list my spot for?

When you list your spot, we suggest that you consider the type of spot, how secure it is, when it is available, and how near it is to points of interest or public transportation. Homeowners are earning thousands of dollars per year with AirGarage depending on their location and number of spots rented. If you can't put your finger on the right price, you can get a quote from our dedicated team at www.airgara.ge/quote.

What are the benefits of listing my parking spaces on AirGarage?

First and foremost you can put some extra cash in your pocket to use for anything from home improvement to a dream vacation! On top of that already solid benefit, you can help the drivers and students of the world save a few bucks by avoiding the never ending price gouging that most parking garages practice.

How do I list my parking space?

Listing your space on AirGarage is easy. Simply sign up with your email address, create a password, then provide us with the basic information about your spot. No banking information or pictures are required to list your spot, so it is risk free and can be done in less than five minutes!

How do I get paid when someone uses my space?

Right now, we support bank account withdrawal but are looking at expanding to options such as PayPal and Venmo. You can add your payment information through your Dashboard as well as select automatic or manual payouts.

When do I get paid?

Drivers make their payments on the first day of their rental period (and monthly after that in the case of long term bookings). Payouts for the full balance of all driver payments are made to spot owners at the end of each month.

Is my parking space eligible to be listed on AirGarage?

Most likely, yes. Our spots owners have listed garages, carports, driveways, apartment allocated spots, spaces in front of a locked garage on a property, and spots in a parking structure. The only requirements are that you clearly portray your spot when listing it so that there is no confusion when the renter arrives, and that you have the full rights to rent out your spot. We recommend checking with your landlord or HOA where applicable.

What if something goes wrong?

Please reach out to our dedicated team at contact@airgara.ge or 480.401.2401 in the event that you have any questions or concerns regarding AirGarage.

How does AirGarage protect me?

We have taken all of the hassle out of finding a reputable driver to park in your space, negotiating a fair price, and receiving payment for the use of your space. Each and every driver is registered and verified with AirGarage, providing us with their contact information and car details so that you can contact them in case of emergency. Our goal is to ensure that you have a seamless and hassle free interaction with every AirGarage driver.

How do I know when someone has rented my parking space?

AirGarage will send you a notice email that you either need to confirm the rental or, in the case of instant bookings, a notice that a booking has been made. This email will contain contact information for the driver as well as details about their vehicle make and model so that you know what to expect.

How do I stop my parking space from being listed?

If you have a friend coming over that will be using your space and don’t want someone to rent it in the meantime, you can visit your dashboard and click “pause listing.” Please note that you cannot pause a listing that has already been rented out.

Can I meet the person that is renting out my space?

Of course—we even encourage it! When a driver rents your space and is confirmed, you will receive their contact information and you are free to arrange an in person meeting from there.

Will my information be public through AirGarage?

Your full name and address will not be visible to the public on AirGarage. This information will be provided only to confirmed drivers that rent your parking space. Any information that AirGarage does display publicly is generally already public information in other places around the internet.

Can I rent my spot for lengths other than a month?

Yes, rentals can range in length anywhere from one hour to one year or anywhere in between.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We currently accept credit and debit cards on the website. We plan to integrate with Apple Pay and Android Pay in the near future.

Why "AirGarage"?

Our dream is and always has been for parking to be as easy as pulling a garage out of thin air no matter where you are or when you need a space. We think the name also resonates to the huge difference between tactics of traditional parking garages, where adding spots can cost $30,000-$50,000, and our company, where adding spots is as easy as pulling them out of the air.

Are you affiliated with any other company in the sharing economy or in general?

No, AirGarage, Inc. is an independent legal entity formed as a corporation. No affiliation with any other company should be construed unless explicitly stated.