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AirGarage helps parking lot owners, garage owners, churches, businesses, gyms, restaurants, apartments, and hotels manage and monetize their parking assets.

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Should you sell monthly or hourly parking?

Here at AirGarage, we've worked with parking owners, apartments, hotels, and churches to sell parking. We help sell monthly and hourly parking, but hourly parking comes out on top for a few key reasons.


3 Secret Things No One Tells You About Selling Parking for the First Time

Property managers around the country are looking for ways to boost their bottom line. Beginning your journey to sell parking can seem daunting at first. Here are 3 things you should be aware of.


How to Monetize Your Church Parking Lot

If your church has a parking lot, you could be earning revenue by renting it out when there aren’t services. We’ve talked to hundreds of churches to learn about how they were selling parking, and this is what we found.