Partnership Program

Refer parking lots and garages and when they sign up, earn a sign-on bonus and 5% of revenue for 6 months.

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Free sign install

AirGarage installs free signs that instruct the public to pay and visitors to get free or discounted validation. Using a simple text message system, you have no hardware to maintain and the system is always online.

Control parking on the dashboard

You get a dashboard that lets you set up validation codes for free parking, block off spaces for events, set special pricing for games or weekends, and more. You also get analytics, statistics, and reports.

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Once the signs are up, your events are live, and your visitors are in the system, AirGarage starts enforcement sweeps. The frequency of enforcement is up to you, and some of our locations use real time enforcement via license plate reading cameras.

Payment collection

Your visitors are registered and everyone else pays to park through the AirGarage text payment system or mobile app. You'll get weekly payouts direct to your bank account and live reports on your dashboard.
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"With AirGarage, we never worry about having enough spaces for our guests and we always know who is using our parking lot."


"We used to have a lot attendant stand outside all day but they weren't reliable. AirGarage never quits!"


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