AirGarage vs. American Valet for Parking Management

When it comes to managing your parking lot and generating revenue, there seems to be an endless number of factors for you to consider.

How many parking spaces do you have available?

Are your parking spaces available 24/7 or do you need to reserve spaces for your employees and guests?

What types of drivers will be looking to park in your lot?

What is your budget for getting online?

Realistically, you know your situation better than anyone else and will be able to identify the perfect solution for your location. AirGarage is building tools to enable small business owners and churches to better control access to their parking lots while empowering them to generate additional income by selling their unused spots.

What makes AirGarage different from a traditional parking operator like American Valet?

Traditional parking management companies such as American Valet sound enticing on the surface by promising consistent lease rent and management.

However, after looking deeper into these services most small business owners are surprised to find out that they'll be tied into multi-year contracts that give them little to no control over their own parking property.

While parking management companies like American Valet promise a consistent monthly payment, the income generated for the property owner will often wind up being just a fraction of the total parking revenue generated.

On top of the lengthy contract and high fees, churches and businesses are often surprised when parking management companies such as American Valet start to limit the times and days when the business owners' customers can parking in their own parking lot.

Meanwhile, AirGarage is building the tools that small businesses and churches can use to manage their own parking lots more efficiently and effectively. There's no reason a small business should spend 90% of its time thinking about its parking lot instead of its customers.

With AirGarage, parking lot owners always earn their fair share of the parking lot revenue generated. There's no fixed compensation on a monthly basis, so the businesses and churches see all of the upside when the parking lot does well.

The revenue share model provided by AirGarage also means that the parking lot can be used by visitors and customers as often as needed without restrictions.

Finally, businesses and churches that partner with AirGarage to sell parking are never tied into a long term contract and can cancel at any time if they aren't satisfied with the service. Why would you pay for someone to manage your parking lot if they're doing a poor job?

If you own a small business or church and want to monetize your parking lot, are looking for a new parking operator, or want to switch to a new parking management solution, please reach out!

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