Choosing a parking enforcement system

If you have a parking lot or garage, you want to make sure visitors are registered, the public is paying, and violators are stopped from entry or are immobilized. We will look at a few different solutions and discuss what we have found to work best for the parking lot and garage owners we work with at AirGarage.

  1. Entry exit barriers

Entry and exit barriers are a solid solution for a large garage, but there are complexities to consider. First, the installation is expensive (often $20k or more depending on the number of entrances) and the maintenance can balloon costs. Drivers often drive right through parking arms, internet connection between the payment machines and arms can fail, and personnel must be on staff if anything goes wrong.

We've found this is the most expensive solution, so we usually recommend other options.

  1. Towing sweeps

Towing operators will often "generously" offer to patrol your lot and tow if they find violators. This system may seem free and convenient, but has hidden costs. For example, many towing operators may require a quota (for example, tow 3 violators a day or they will refuse the job). Not to mention, this creates a terrible guest experience in cases where a client mistyped a license plate or space number and now resents the business. This can also lead to disparaging Yelp reviews and bring down the reputation of the property management.

This also requires an integration with the tow service, for example finding a towing operator willing to integrate with a technology system like a parking app or pay station to find the list of people paying or registered.

  1. AirGarage Space Force

Our company, AirGarage, offers a comprehensive enforcement solution where cameras are placed at the entrances of the parking lot or garage and guests are given time to register and pay for parking. If a car pulls in and doesn't register, an AirGarage enforcer is sent to immobilize the vehicle.

This solution is cost-effective, since we don't have a parking lot attendant costing you money all day or enforcement staff waiting for the next violator. Instead, we only send someone when we need to.

This system is also great because we immobilize a vehicle with the device called The Barnacle, so if someone mistypes a plate or your employees forget to validate their parking, it can be easily removed from their car.

Unlike towing, AirGarage Space Force is also flexible, and you can set the penalty. For example, our enforcers can leave a note the first time, immobilize the second time, and tow after that.

We work with lots and garages of all sizes to help them sell parking and enforce their spaces. Get in touch today for a free demo.

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