Our Church Didn't Think We Could Sell Parking, Now Our Lot Earns $1400 Per Month

Paved Potential

If you're a church thinking about a capital campaign, you've probably never thought about your parking lot as a source of donations. You could be leaving money on the table.

For a church located near attractions like restaurants, shops, or parks, drivers are willing to pay for convenient parking, generating thousands in recurring revenue.

Here's how it works: even if your church needs the whole lot for weekly services or events, AirGarage’s parking management software has an online calendar that allows your church to choose when and how many spaces it needs so their visitors always have enough room.

Resourceful Stewardship

University of Michigan’s First Baptist Church of Ann Arbor has a modest 28-space lot, so they didn’t see themselves as a strong candidate for selling parking. They used most of their lot for activities throughout the week, so they typically only had ten spaces to spare. Like most churches, they voiced the same concerns:

"How will we have enough space when we need it?"

"Will people even pay to park here?"

"Do we need to hire a parking attendant?"

The church had considered selling parking in the past, but the upfront cost of signage was too high and they didn’t want to monitor the lot themselves or hire a parking attendant. Then AirGarage provided an overview of its free signage and lot oversight offering, which Kat Becker, the Church Administrator, passed on to Paula Burton, the Chair of the Board of Trustees, who championed the idea to the finish line.

“We were spending $60,000 to redo the parking lot,” said Kat, so Paula and the board decided to capitalize on this investment by embracing paid parking. They were particularly fond of AirGarage’s no-commitment policy in case they wanted to cancel their plan after testing the waters.

Removing All Doubt

After months of partnership with AirGarage, Kat revealed, “Most congregation members were surprised by how much money [ten spaces] earned.” She said members expected the lot to earn around $100 each month, so when February's sales peaked at $1400 (before the coronavirus slowed commerce) everybody was extremely pleased.

Up to that point, church members questioned the feasibility of selling parking and didn’t expect drivers to be willing to pay, “but [the congregation] bought into it once they saw the returns,” said Kat. And much to the church's delight, the lot doesn't require a parking attendant because AirGarage's parking management software allows drivers to pay by text, and parking control is managed with the software's license plate scanner.

Parking With Churches In Mind

AirGarage was designed specifically for churches, so the company's parking management software takes into consideration each of their varying schedules and parking needs while allowing them to hand off their parking control responsibilities and lot operations. Whether a church only has three spare spaces like St. Brigid Catholic Church in Kentucky or sixty-five spaces generating $20,000 in monthly revenue like Tempe First United Methodist Church, they should consider leveraging their parking lot as a source of significant fundraising.

With no costs, no commitments, and the ability to control the public's usage with the click of a mouse, any organization can join AirGarage's nationwide portfolio of 30 churches and 35 assorted businesses including hotels, parking garages, restaurants, and more.

Reach out today to learn how you can support your local church by partnering with AirGarage to start fundraising with their parking control solutions.

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