Should you sell monthly or hourly parking?

Here at AirGarage, we've worked with parking owners, apartments, hotels, and churches to sell parking. We help sell monthly and hourly parking, but hourly parking comes out on top for a few key reasons.

  1. More revenue

Drivers want on demand options, and are willing to pay a premium. In the age of Uber and Airbnb, people don't want to commit to a monthly or yearly pass.

Here at AirGarage, we worked with a hotel chain to switch from monthly to hourly parking.

Selling 50 parking passes at $600/year each, they made about $2500 per month. After switching to hourly parking with AirGarage, they started earning around $8,500 per month.

  1. Control

Monthly passes often make it hard to enforce special rules like reserving a lot for game day parking or a staff only event. Often, monthly parkers feel entitled to parking anytime.

With hourly parking and AirGarage, you can simply reserve parking by putting an event in our web-based system.

  1. Overnight parking

You may not want people parking in your lot overnight. With monthly parking options, your lot may become a car storage facility, which you probably don't want.

Plus if you need to clear the lot for cleaning, paving, maintenance, guests, or staff, you have to round up the monthly pass owners and coordinate.

Why do lot owners sell monthly parking?

Monthly parking may seem easier logistically. Simply pay once for the month and that's it.

Another reason to sell monthly is if there isn't enough demand in an area, monthly parking may make more sense. At AirGarage, we offer both solutions just in case.

We've helped dozens of hotels, churches, apartments, and lot owners who didn't think they could sell hourly parking make thousands of dollars per month.

With tech like AirGarage, it's easy to open up to hourly parking and increase revenue.

I already sell parking, why would I give AirGarage a cut?

We have always increased our lot owners' revenue, usually significantly. By making it easy to park, enforcing often, and selling hourly parking, AirGarage is almost always worth it for parking owners.

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