Why Parking Lots are Replacing Their Pay Stations

Our team at AirGarage has worked with parking lot & garage owners, hotel managers, and apartment owners around the country to help them sell parking.

What we've learned is it doesn't really make sense to buy a parking pay station anymore now that everyone is carrying one in their pocket. Cell phones are more reliable than parking machines because everyone has one all the time. Plus, our market research has found customers prefer paying from their phone for convenience, sanitation, and ease.

Why replace your parking pay station?

First, the installation is expensive. Factors like electricity setup, shipping, assembly, and internet connection can double or triple the cost of the machine.

Next, maintenance is a headache. Parking machines break down every 6-8 months from factors like credit card jams, paper jams, sun exposure, overheating, and even intentional damage.

AirGarage has worked with several businesses that wanted to sell parking, from The Graduate hotel chain to Orange Theory Fitness locations to design a parking solution that maximized revenue.

We found that our smartphone solution brought more revenue with less maintenance cost since it is more reliable, and allows for dynamic pricing changes for special events. AirGarage prices are easily programmable from a dashboard, whereas most parking machines only offer static pricing.

AirGarage enables flexibility like parking lot closures for events, reserving spaces, and changing prices to maximize revenue.

With a parking machine, someone is needed on call incase things break, which means you'll need an expensive maintenance contract. When it's broken, it can lead to days of missed revenue. With AirGarage, there is no downtime and no repairs.

About AirGarage

AirGarage is a new parking operator that uses license plate recognition to automatically bill customers and keep track of guests and visitors. Unlike traditional parking operators, there is no install cost since the solution is 100% software based. Many of our clients formerly used parking machines, and switched after costs were unjustifiable.

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