All-in-one Parking Management for Cities

AirGarage provides enforcement, ticketing, payment collection, and customer support for municipalities

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Software-based Parking Solutions


Get access to our team of enforcers and ALPR cameras.

Visitor Validation

Validate guests, and offer time-based discounts.

Dynamic Pricing

Maximize revenue during peak hours.

Real-time Analytics

See reporting in real-time as bookings are made.

Payment Processing

AirGarage handles payment processing and driver acquisition.

ALPR Camera

Track every car entering and exiting your property.

Manage multiple lots and garages

Our dashboard allows you to edit parking availability, pricing, and validations. You also get insight into how your city parking is utilized.

Payment Collection

Our simple AirGarage app allows the public to pay for both monthly and hourly parking. There's no expensive hardware or installation, so you don't have to worry about maintenance costs.

Enforcement and security

AirGarage uses Automated License Plate Readers (ALPRs) to keep track of cars entering your property. Use the tools to deploy enforcement against parking violators.

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What our partners are saying

"With AirGarage, we sell parking and never worry about having enough spaces for our guests. An added bonus is we always know who is using our parking lot."

General Manager

"We used to have a parking pay station but it broke often and we still had trouble enforcing the lot. AirGarage made lives easier for my staff...we ended up just taking it out!"


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