You might not need a parking gate. Let AirGarage enforce your parking.

AirGarage uses license plate scanning cameras to catch violators without an expensive hardware installation. Free setup and install.

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Easy access control

AirGarage automatically allows your visitors and guests to park for free, charges everyone else, and enforces against violators.

Control your lot

Set the number of spaces available, register visitors for free or discounted parking, and control access to certain spaces.

No set up costs, no fees

Since we don't install expensive gates or parking arms, there are no setup or installation costs. We operate purely on a revenue share model with no minimums, so we only get paid when you do.

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"With AirGarage, we sell parking and never worry about having enough spaces for our guests. An added bonus is we always know who is using our parking lot."


"We used to have a parking pay station but it broke often and we still had trouble enforcing the lot. AirGarage made lives easier for my staff...we ended up just taking it out!"