Free parking signs with AirGarage

AirGarage will enforce your parking lot and send you free parking signs. Get in touch now!

Built With Parking Owners, For Parking Owners

AirGarage serves parking lots and garages owned by various organizations across the United States and Canada including:

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Collect fines and payments via phone, text, or credit card, over web or app.

AirGarage users can easily pay with credit card, Apple Pay, mobile wallets, and more. No app download required.

Enforcement service

We scan your parking lot for people parking illegally and automatically fine or immobilize them

No set up costs, no fees

There are no setup or installation costs since we operate on a revenue share model

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maximize your earnings.

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How we partner with you

We install signs

AirGarage installs free signs that instruct the public to pay and visitors to get free or discounted validation.

You set your preferences

Your dashboard lets you set up validation codes and block off spaces for events.

We handle the rest

You'll get weekly payouts direct to your bank account and live reports on your dashboard.

What our partners are saying

"With AirGarage, we sell parking and never worry about having enough spaces for our guests. An added bonus is we always know who is using our parking lot."

General Manager

"We used to have a parking pay station but it broke often and we still had trouble enforcing the lot. AirGarage made lives easier for my staff...we ended up just taking it out!"