Food trucks, event spaces, pop-up shops, charging stations. AirGarage makes it easy.

AirGarage turns parking lots into profitable multi-use hubs, repurposing land once used only for private cars into vibrant community spaces.

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We manage the logistics

AirGarage does it all - sourcing vendors, payment collection and splits, logistics, and advertising.

Set the rules

Set parking, community, and vendor space availability and revenue split, and AirGarage does the rest.

Flexible system

Keep spaces available for parking, dynamically allocate spaces for special uses depending on the weekday.

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"With AirGarage, we sell parking and never worry about having enough spaces for our guests. An added bonus is we always know who is using our parking lot."

General Manager

"We used to have a parking pay station but it broke often and we still had trouble enforcing the lot. AirGarage made lives easier for my staff...we ended up just taking it out!"