The leading software solution to sell, manage, and enforce parking.

AirGarage does it all - lot enforcement, payment collection, visitor registration, and customer support. Our software sits in the cloud so there's no install or setup fees.

Why use AirGarage?

Manage availability
Deicde who can park in which spaces and when. Our simple validation system lets you set rules, issue passes, change availability, and more.
Have total control
You pick the hours of availability and prices. Easily register your customers and guests for free parking or create special events for when you need your lot.
No hardware, no setup fees
Our app handles registration, payment processing, lot enforcement, customer support, and advertisement for you. Forget the days of expensive hardware and lot attendants.

Learn about your lot

Control availability, guest passes, and pricing.

The Lot Owner Dashboard lets you set the number of spaces to rent, schedule events, and change pricing instantly. Sell parking for speical events, dynamically control the price, or close your lot for a private party. The choice is yours.

Software visitor registration

No paperwork or forms.

Whether you need to reserve a spot for one visitor or 100, AirGarage makes it easy for you to limit lot usage. Ideal for church services, work meetings, apartment showings, and more!

Mobile app payment and enforcement

Let us take care of the rest.

The AirGarage app funnels drivers to your parking lot and ensures operations are seamless. From the app, drivers have access to customer support, payment history, and incentives for referring your lot to friends.


Drivers are directed to your lot


New drivers enter payment and vehicle information


Drivers pay automatically for parking used