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Selling parking has never been easier or more customizable.
You're just a few steps away from maximizing your lot's earning potential.

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Effortless control of your lot.

📅  Sell whenever you want

There’s no minimum or mandatory time you have to sell, so you can block off times when you have events and need the lot.

💰  Diversify your income stream

You can reduce the number of spaces available for selling at any time.

Easily create events to save a few spaces (or the entire lot) for visitors.

👋  Easily save spaces for events

For first-time sellers of parking, you'll see how additional parking revenue can help you fund your initatives.

Property managers that have sold parking on their own continue to see year over year revenue growth with AirGarage.

Read their case study here.

🎫  Validate visitor parking

Whether you want to register a visitor for free parking for 2 hours or 2 years, our software-only registration makes it simple.

No paper tickets or hardware involved.

Get an estimate of how much your lot can earn.

Hands-free, passive income at your fingertips.

Our tools are designed to make selling parking simple and effortless for you.

You can be involved as little as possible and still generate additional revenue for your organization.

No lot size too small.

AirGarage works for any size lot, whether you have 8 spaces or 200+.

We operate on a revenue-share model, meaning we only make money if you do.

Autonomous enforcement.

The AirGarage enforcement system ensures your visitors get validated free parking, while the general public pays to rent your spaces. Our enforcement team catches violators without you having to do anything.

Earn extra revenue when your lot is not in use.


"With AirGarage, we never worry about having enough spaces for our guests and we always know who is using our parking lot."


"Getting started was much easier than I anticipated!"


Make managing your lot easier.