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AirGarage helps churches, hotels, restaurants, and parking lot owners across the United States sell parking. We've gathered the lessons we've learned with our partners and shared them here.

3 Ways to Sell Parking at Your Church

If your church has a parking lot, you could be earning revenue by renting it out when there aren’t services. We’ve talked to hundreds of churches to learn about how they were selling parking, and this is what we found. <b>Option 1: Hire a parking lot attendant</b> A lot attendant ... Read more

4 Unique Fundraising Ideas for Your Church

1. Monetize your parking lot. Services like <a href=“”>AirGarage</a> allow you to sell parking to people in the area, or for food trucks to use your lot. They can even rent your lot out for events and help you make extra money while your parking lot sits empty. 2. Host ... Read more

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