4 Unique Fundraising Ideas for Your Church

by Scott Fitsimones

26 March 2019

1. Monetize your parking lot. Services like AirGarage allow you to sell parking to people in the area, or for food trucks to use your lot. They can even rent your lot out for events and help you make extra money while your parking lot sits empty.
2. Host a 50/50 Raffle. Everyone loves winning, and they get to feel good about donating to the church. Raffles are often done in conjunction with other fundraising events like game nights.
3. Partner with a local business to do a spirit night, where your church gets a portion of their sales for the night. Pro tip: make it a regular event, for example, every 3rd Monday people can support your church by going to Chipotle.
4. Increase donation channels. Millennials rarely cary cash, so providing options like text to donate can be very helpful.

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