A parking operator built for the 21st century

AirGarage handles everything from advertising your parking garage to collecting payments from drivers and enforcing against illegal parking so you don't have to.

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Built With Parking Owners, For Parking Owners

AirGarage serves parking lots and garages owned by various organizations across the United States and Canada including:

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Increase Revenue

Owner friendly, full-stack parking management.

Dynamic Pricing
We analyze market conditions and automatically adjust prices to maximize occupancy.

Always On Operations
Our software-based system doesn't sleep -- no hardware means no downtime for repairs or maintenance.

No Cash, No Leakage
Mobile payments means no need for attendants and no cash ever goes missing.

Transparent Revenue Share
No upfront cost. We’ll cover payment processing, enforcement, marketing, & garage operations.

Transparent Operations

We share all of our data with you, so you’re always aware what’s happening on your property.

Reporting & Analytics
Forecast occupancy and maximize your revenue with transparent data.

Real Time Updates
Your dashboard updates with each parking rental making it easy to know whats happening on your property.

Your Customers Come First
Reserve the lot, set aside spaces for guests, offer free customer validation & more.

Automated Enforcement

Ensure every driver pays in full with our multifaceted approach

LPR Cameras
Every vehicle is scanned upon entry by cameras mounted at each access point.

Local Partners
Top-rated local companies provide additional enforcement at peak times & remove violators.

Space Force
Drivers are incentivized to catch & report violators directly through our app, providing constant, random license plate scanning.

Mobile Payments, 100% Contactless

Payment takes less than 15 seconds on average, and can be done via app or over the web.

Perfectly Accurate Payments
Customers are charged for the exact amount of time they park resulting in increased customer satisfaction and increased long term revenue.

No Faulty Equipment
No paper tickets to refill, no broken gates, no repairs, no downtime.

LPR Cameras Included for Parking Garages
Rentals are automatically started & ended for repeat customers based on their license plate being scanned when they enter and exit the garage.

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management and enforcement